Coastal Pharmacists Bring Convenience Curbside

Opening your own pharmacy is no small task. There isn’t just the up-front cost in facilities — it also requires a significant investment to build a customer base.

Kristin Jones and Marcus Dean jumped on the opportunity to work at Coastal Pharmacy because they wanted to make a difference with customers.

“We want to focus more on patients and provide them with the care they need, instead of them being just a number,” they said.

When asked how they would stand out from the competition, the answer was simple for them: great customer service.

“I’m actually a mom myself, and I know how hard it can be to make a trip to the pharmacy,” Kristin said. “That’s why we’re offering a unique curbside service with free local delivery to make it easier for families and busy patients to get their medications.”

Here’s another way Coastal Pharmacy is meeting family needs: It offers flavoring options to make it easier for kids to take their medications.

It’s clear that Kristin and Marcus have their customers’ wants and needs at the forefront.

But before they could hold their official pharmacy-opening ribbon-cutting ceremony next week, the Coastal staff knew they needed to establish themselves online.

“We didn’t want just any digital presence — we wanted it to be patient-friendly,” they said. “We wanted to make sure submitting refills was easy for our patients. Other pharmacies are offering their customers the ability to refill and manage their medications through a mobile app and website, so we wanted to make sure we offered that capability as well.”

In addition to being patient-friendly, the Coastal staff was looking for something that looked professional.

“We know that the digital presence is vital to our business,” they said. “We looked at pharmacy websites from several communities along the gulf coast, and our favorites were those provided by RxWiki. They were the most professional and user-friendly websites compared to other competitors.”

The staff also appreciated the ability to track its progress and measure its efforts through the Patient Engagement Dashboard.

We wish Coastal Pharmacy much success as they open their new store. And RxWiki will be there to help every step of the way.

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