How Econo-Mart Achieved a 46:1 Return on Investment

Econo-Mart Pharmacy in Batesville, Arkansas, embodies what it means to be an independent pharmacy by providing friendly and personal service to everyone who walks through their doors.

Casey Callahan, Pharmacist-in-charge, is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve processes at the pharmacy and increase convenience for her customers. Going digital was a no-brainer for her as she recognized the need for easy online refills and a mobile app.

Patients quickly took to their new digital tools, resulting in Econo-Mart receiving an average of 320 digital refills a month. With 90% of those coming through the mobile app, it proved Casey’s hunch that patients want the convenience of refilling meds while they’re on the go.

“People are always on the go, so we wanted to make it even easier for them to save time,” said Casey.

From saving time on the phone to generating more scripts and attracting new patients, Econo-Mart achieved a 46:1 return on investment.

With a high number of digital refills came 161 patient reviews that gave Econo-Mart real-time feedback on how well they’re serving their community. Unlike public forums, such as Facebook, that can expose feedback from angry, one-visit customers, the reviews collected through her digital products are from verified patients post-refill. The data is housed in a back-end analytics dashboard giving Casey and her team private insight into ways of improving business relations with their most loyal customer base.

Econo-Mart ensured their digital products were successful by placing fliers in customer prescription bags explaining how to download the app and submit refills via the app and website. The staff also distributed printed information to patients at the registers and drive-thru window. On top of in-store promotions, Casey ran some radio ads and consistently promotes the mobile app on Econo-Mart’s Facebook page.

Casey noted, “To our surprise, our older patients love the convenience of the mobile app and online refill capability.” With so many of their customers utilizing online refills, the pharmacy staff can focus more time on building and maintaining customer relationships.

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