Facebook Ads and How They Work For Your Business

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Facebook ads are designed to supplement your current marketing efforts in spreading the word about your brand and digital solutions to people in your community. Whether it is an ad promoting your website, or an ad promoting your Facebook page, the more eyeballs on these ads will ultimately result in more clicks to your digital tools — giving you ample opportunity to get your message across to more people.

Website Clicks

These campaigns show off your beautiful website — helping current and potential patients learn more about your pharmacy and its services. If you have refill capability, visitors will also see how convenient it is to refill through your website. Other benefits to receiving more website visitors could include increasing newsletter subscribers via email capture, easy online prescription transfer, or having a photo gallery showing your pharmacy and staff. As you gain more and more visitors to your website, you will want to make sure you are giving them a reason to come back. They might not refill a prescription right away, but at least they are aware that a) you have a website and 2) they can easily utilize your website to submit a refill wherever they are.

Facebook Page Promotion

Page promotion campaigns are focused on promoting the community aspect of your pharmacy. You want to make sure all current customers like your page as well as grab non current customers who would be interested in supporting a local business. Having a healthy number of page fans, or “Likes” will help your pharmacy gain more prominent and authoritative presence on Facebook, as well as create a “snowball” effect of having your page suggested to new people.

As a page promotion campaign goes through its cycle, you will start to notice an increase in page fans. You will want to make sure you are engaging with these new (and current) fans consistently. Be sure to post content such as pictures and current news about what has been going on at the store and in the community. Furthermore, be sure to ask for reviews from your patients. If you missed our blog on reputation management, you can read it here.

Mobile App

By using Facebook ads to promote your app, you can push people directly to your app within the Google Play and Apple stores. This will make it more convenient for them to find your app quickly.

Make promoting your mobile app one of the most important goals of your overall marketing strategy. Walgreens has already been receiving over half of their refill requests through their mobile app. The more people who use your app, the more refill requests you will receive through the mobile app. Also, if we built your app, you not only have a refill functionality, but your patients will have access to up-to-date health information and the option to set up refill reminders.

Although mobile app promotion through Facebook ads is a great way to increase downloads, your ads can’t do all the work. It is important for you to promote these mobile tools in your store and through your own social media posts.










Unique Services

Let your community know what you offer whether it is delivery, medication synchronization, pill packaging, medication therapy management, compounding, durable medical equipment. Your ads do not have to be limited to pharmacy services. If you have a gift shop or a great greeting cards section, these can also be highlighted in your social media marketing strategy.

If you are looking to use Facebook ads in your marketing strategy, you need to know a few rules. Facebook has strict ad policies — especially in the pharmacy space. To ensure that your ads are not flagged or turned off and keep your account from becoming disabled, be sure to check out our recent blog post on Advertising on Facebook: Everything You Need to Know.  

With consistent Digital Marketing messaging, your patients will adopt your digital solutions into their own lives, making them much more valuable in the long run.

Not sure where to start? We have you covered. Our Digital Marketing team’s main focus is to optimize Facebook ads while keeping Facebook’s ad policy in mind.

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