Final Round: Ask the Member Success Team

It's here, the final week of hearing straight from the Member Success Team (don't worry - you can read and re-read the series as much as you'd like!). The team shared answers to their most popular questions in order to educate community pharmacists on how to be successful online. On the final week, you'll get to meet Basil, and hear what he has to say about Google and SEO.

Meet Basil, Digital Success Expert. Basil loves football, hunting, and fishing, and prides himself on helping pharmacists position themselves in a unique way. Get his answer to the most common question he gets on search engine optimization.


“It’s been a month, why isn’t my website listed as the first search result on Google yet?”

This is quite a common question we have and I would love to answer it for you. There are several reasons why your website may not be getting the results you were expecting.

If your beautiful new website has just gone live, chances are high that the search engines for Google have not begun to index your website quite yet. Although your pizzazzed website is ready for the front page, Google has about 200,000 equally saucy sites it has to crawl through first.

The wait can be a few weeks to a few months. Google’s little bots are fast, but not that fast! A way to vamp up their speed is to increase the number of searches for your website. More traffic and searches mean that Google takes your site more seriously, than say, Annie’s Collection of Eating Pizza.

Once the searches begin pouring in, Google bots begin their crawl. There is not a set timeframe for indexing, it varies based on factors such as:

  • The popularity of the website
  • The number of external websites linking to it
  • Whether the content is crawl-able (server responses and content type)
  • Website structure (how the pages are interlinked)

Another reason SEO is slow is because your website isn’t optimized right at conception. After your website has been submitted to Google, a spider will go to your website and began crawling it for content. The spiders will scan your website for keyword saturation, relevant content, and meta content, amongst many other factors. There are a few things we look into that will ensure things are optimal for your crawling/indexing. For example, creating actual content and usable links, and submitting/verifying your website through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (Bing and Google).

Another factor for SEO is search engine inclusion. This is what will boost your website’s ability to gain search engine ranking in the organic results. These keywords should be planted throughout your website, that way they can easily be found by the spiders crawling your website. But don’t worry, we do all of this for you! We have SEO keywords that we regularly update to make sure we are going above and beyond industry standards. We enter certain key terms/words that are proven to help boost your search results.

There are many factors that contribute to SEO. It’s almost impossible to be a brand new website and be the top hit on Google unless you are the only pharmacy within a 100 mile radius. But rest assured that your digital success expert will do everything in their power to make sure your website is a hit.