Getting the Greatest Impact with Social Media

When it comes to the world of social media, things can get confusing for businesses looking to grow their following and promote their brand. Knowing which social platforms to use is the key to a pharmacy’s social media success. Below is a breakdown of the most popular platforms and whether they should play a role in your business’s success.

1 – Facebook: Facebook has become more powerful than any other social media site. The reality is that the majority of the people that pharmacies are trying to target are Facebook users. People use Facebook like a web browser to search for companies and services and get their friends’ input on which to choose. If you don’t have a company Facebook page, you’re giving up business to a competitor who does.

2 – Twitter: Twitter is useful in special circumstances. It’s the platform that pharmacies ask about the most after Facebook. If you operate in a youthful area like a metropolitan city or college town, a decent chunk of your patients will be on Twitter. If you develop a decent following on Twitter you can utilize that presence to create promotions and engage customers. For example, you could ask patients to tweet about your pharmacy and enter all those who tweet into a raffle to win a prize. This would spread awareness about your pharmacy and drive traffic to your Twitter page.

3 – Snapchat: Snapchat is a platform used to send pictures or short videos to other users that can be viewed one time only. The majority of Snapchat users are typically too young to make decisions about healthcare, so it’s not typically used as a marketing channel for pharmacies at this time.

4 – Instagram: Instagram is a content sharing platform featuring inspirational pictures of unique experiences like travel or social outings. A page would require the staff to take interesting and unique pictures frequently, which can prove difficult in a clinical or store setting, and most likely would not result in many followers. Because of this, it’s generally not used by pharmacies.

In conclusion, Facebook should be the main focus of your social media marketing efforts. Facebook is the most used social media site among all ages – used by 64% of Americans that are 12 years and older. The site accounts for every 6 minutes spent online, and every 5 minutes spent on mobile devices.

Digital Pharmacist provides a service that automatically posts daily health news articles on behalf of our subscriber base. In addition, we suggest our pharmacists create one or two unique posts each week. This amount of content won’t overwhelm pharmacists and will keep followers in the loop.

The ideal post features one photo and about four sentences describing that photo. It tells a charming story about how your pharmacy works hard to serve the community. Social media should humanize your business. When posting on behalf of your pharmacy, it’s important to showcase your personality and don’t overthink it. Something as simple as posting a photo of a staff member smiling will make patients feel more connected to you.

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