Leverage Your Front-End And Elevate Your Pharmacy’s Back-End

In today’s market, improving your front-end merchandising strategy can be a great way to supplement margins on prescriptions. As the new year kicks off, we wanted to highlight a one-of-a-kind retail product created by women, for women. Continue reading to learn more and receive 30% off wholesale BOX Naturals.

Irene Kim founded BOX Naturals in 2011 when she realized the need for natural wipes and towelettes for women that didn’t contain the not-so-natural ingredients commonly found in other brands. All BOX Naturals scents (Lavender, Rose, and Cucumber + Witch Hazel) are entirely free of parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

The uses for BOX Naturals wipes are endless — such as removing makeup, cleaning hands, after-workout cleanses, wiping down yoga mats and so much more. In addition to the many uses, the Cucumber + Witch Hazel wipes are wonderful for postpartum moms and also makes a great facial toner.

Stock them with your feminine care or facial products or use them as an eye-catching “impulse item” near the cash register. The customer can buy BOX Naturals from your pharmacy on a per-box or single pouch basis, with each box containing twelve individually packaged wipes.

With this exclusive offer, you can see up to a 70% profit margin on these towelettes. To learn more about BOX Naturals and receive 30% off your wholesale purchase, use promo code NEWYEAR30 with login LUXE. Offer expires 1/31/18.