New Mexico Pharmacy Uses New Tech to Stay Competitive

A year ago, Micah Lansford returned home to Clovis, New Mexico, after pharmacy school to help his father as a staff pharmacist at Roden Smith Pharmacy, a landmark in this New Mexico city of 40,000 people.

Roden Smith is one of four pharmacies in Clovis, along with a Walgreens, a Walmart and a hospital pharmacy.

“At one time, there were probably a dozen pharmacies, but everything has consolidated, and we are now the only community pharmacy left,” Micah said. “I think the reason we have survived and prospered is that we have always been known for providing a high level of personal service. We acknowledge you as a person in our pharmacy, and we staff appropriately to make sure our patients get their medications promptly so they can be on their way.”

Micah said that, as a young pharmacist fresh out of school, he saw the need for staying up with the latest technologies and having a strong digital presence. He soon became the resident IT guy.

“Since coming back to the pharmacy, I have been heavily involved in changing our software, phones and IVR system, as well as converting our website to RxWiki using the Digital Pharmacist Platform,” Micah said. “One of the benefits of the Digital Pharmacist Platform is that both the website and app work together and come from the same provider, so the branding, look and feel is consistent. That means the user experience for our patients is the same whether they are on our website or using their smartphones. Before, we had different vendors, which created some issues for us.”

Roden Smith’s digital refills have been climbing rapidly. What have they been doing to promote their app and website?

“We really haven’t done any in-store advertising,” Micah said. “We do invest in advertising on Facebook using RxWiki’s Digital Marketing Service. So that has worked great. When you compare Facebook versus other advertising costs, nothing beats it. I’m also a firm believer that it makes us appear modern as a business, and that’s important to our patients who are using social media.”

Micah said online refills have also helped the pharmacy staff streamline its operations.

“In fact, about 5 to 10 percent of our refill volume is now coming in after hours,” he said. “Because we know we will see a volume of refills come in overnight, we now schedule a pharmacist to come in early and process those refills before the store opens. That’s nice for us because it gives us flexibility, and it’s nice for our patients as well because they know their prescriptions will be ready and waiting for them when they come into the pharmacy.”

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