North Carolina Pharmacy Offers In-Store Charge Accounts

Tayloe’s Hospital Pharmacy in Washington, North Carolina has been around since 1889. Unlike most pharmacies that have one or two owners, Tayloe’s has a total of 12 owners. What started out as a doctor-owned business is now moving towards a completely employee-owned business. Not only does that give employees a higher stake in the pharmacy, it contributes to the overall commitment to doing whatever they can to help patients.

“We have a very helping atmosphere,” explained Lori Melton, Business Manager and partial owner of Tayloe’s Hospital Pharmacy. The pharmacy takes helping their patients to a new level by providing in-store charge accounts. Many of their elderly patients may not get their checks until the 3rd of the month, but need their medication regardless of the date. So Tayloe’s will allow patients to charge medication to the pharmacy and then send out a bill once a month to be paid by the next month.

Says Lori, “We have to provide great service like this because we have a Walgreens, CVS, and another independent pharmacy within a mile of us. We’re competing with the big chains and the only thing we can offer aside from them is exceptional service.”

Another unique service of the pharmacy is the Wheatgrass Corner inside the store which allows patients to get fresh wheatgrass shots. Some people even come in to buy 50 shots at a time that they can keep frozen at home. There’s also a cancer center across the street that encourages patients to go to the pharmacy for wheat grass shots.

Tayloe’s believes in doing everything they can to keep their patients taken care of. From their in-store charge accounts to free delivery and durable medical equipment, they make sure their patients have everything they need. This is true both in-person and online.

Lori explained that Tayloe’s Hospital Pharmacy began using RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform because “we felt like we needed to move forward. We didn’t want to be this little community pharmacy who could only take a refill over the phone. We wanted people to have other options, that’s the way the world is going right now.”

The pharmacy appreciates being able to save time where they can because of how busy they are every day. Despite being a small independent pharmacy with three other pharmacies nearby, Tayloe’s sees so much business that they have 6 pharmacists on staff and at least 6 certified technicians. “Saving time is really important for us – on the phone and in general. We don’t want anyone to have to wait a long time, and we never want to tell them they have to leave and come back later.”

To learn more about the Digital Pharmacist platform that Tayloe’s Hospital Pharmacy leverages to save time, contact us at (877) 959-7550.