Creating a Cohesive Digital Strategy for a 10-Store Pharmacy

With a total of ten locations, Central Pharmacies covers a lot of territory in the state of Michigan. Each location serves a slightly different demographic, has different operations and different revenue drivers.

For Central Pharmacy, just like many other multi-location pharmacies, they were challenged in finding ways to properly tie each location together with a cohesive messaging strategy. The answer for Central Pharmacy was to make the leap into a new digital strategy including a fully-fledged website, mobile app and Facebook marketing campaigns.

Going digital altered previous communication strategies and brought into alignment the messaging of each independent location. All locations promoted the website and mobile app to each and every customer. Patients could use the digital products to easily find their nearest pharmacy, check hours of operation and refill their prescriptions twenty four hours a day. With an average of 800 website visitors a month, it’s safe to say that the strategy is working.

Kathy from Central Pharmacy Patient Care, explained their main strategy was integrating website and mobile app promos into their voicemail system and including info on patient receipts. This ensures that every patient touchpoint, in-store or over-the-phone, includes information on how to engage with the pharmacy digitally. It resulted in record-breaking website traffic and consistent growth in average monthly refills. They saw a 165% increase in the past seven months.

According to Kathy, this strategy has proven reliable across all demographics as well. Although some may think that the older generation prefers not to go online or download mobile apps, Central Pharmacy has seen just as many older patients download the mobile app and refill online as younger patients. The convenience this offers is far beyond what was previously available.

Because of their success across each of their stores, Central Pharmacy plans to continue pushing their digital services as a tool to attract new patients and provide better service to the communities they serve.

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