Our Newly Optimized Facebook Advertising

Our Digital Marketing Team optimizes Facebook advertising campaigns daily for 600 pharmacies. Our key insights are that social media ads need to be targeted to your local area, need to be personal, fun, informative or promotional, as opposed to dull and generic. The ad creative needs to be refreshed every month. We are working with […]

Our Improved Text & Outbound Pick Up Capability

You asked and we listened. Outbound pick up reminders are currently the #1 requested technical improvement listed within the 65,000 patient reviews. We now offer text refill capabilities. Patients who do not have smartphones can easily refill via their phone.  We also offer outbound call, text and email reminders. As most pharmacists know, having to […]

The Five Best Ways to Keep Your Pharmacy in Compliance

This month, we spoke with Wendy Cavanaugh, CPhT, PRS, clinical quality assurance manager for Benzer Pharmacy corporate, on how their compliance department helps their franchisees, as well as their corporate owned pharmacies, stay in compliance with industry standards. Read on to find out Wendy Cavanaugh’s five recommendations to keep your pharmacy in compliance: Maintain proper […]

Our Digital Marketing Solution Upgrade

Digital Pharmacist offers three solutions to help pharmacies grow; our Digital Platform, our IVR Platform and our Digital Marketing Solution.  We are investing over $10 million per year to enhance these solutions to ensure that your patient facing products stay competitive and patients really use them.  Unlike other online do-it-yourself offerings, ours is a do-it-for-you […]

Happy Mother’s Day to Women Pioneers in Pharmacy

Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf is recognized as the first female pharmacist in the United States. Not only was she a mother to twelve children, she is considered the mother of pharmacy too. Elizabeth opened her own apothecary shop in 1727 in Boston. Her husband, Daniel Greenleaf, a physician soon followed and they spent the rest of […]

Our New Streamlined Fax Template

As a part of our 2.5 million dollar investment in our digital platform, we have streamlined the fax template to make it easier to see the refill information and patient notes. This fax template will be used for non-integrated customers and for integrated customers as their fall back fax in the event of a communication error with the pharmacy management […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day On Social Media

As we’ve done in the past with Valentine’s Day and “Save Your Vision” Month, this week we’ve prepared social media content that you can use to promote Mother’s Day specials and events. We encourage you to start posting at least a week in advance of Mother’s Day to generate as much interest and in-store foot traffic […]

Our New Fall Back To Fax System

In our old system, if there was a communication error with your pharmacy management system, our support team would manually send refills via fax within 4 to 6 hours. We have now automated this process. After two failed attempts to connect to your pharmacy management system, our servers automatically fax the refill to the store. […]

Understanding Your Pharmacy Income Statement: Part III

Net Income While an accountant may manage the bulk of your books, business decisions ultimately rest with you, the pharmacy owner. That’s why an understanding of your pharmacy’s key financials can help. Knowledge is power. The more informed you are about your pharmacy’s financials, the better you can make business decisions. Here, we wrap up […]

Our Improved Refill Error Handling & Legal Checks

One of the biggest challenges for patients and pharmacists with our original platform was that the system did not notify the patient if their refill failed. Through integration, our new platform now produces 34 different intelligent messages if a refill fails. Refills can fail for many reasons. For example, an RX number may be expired, […]

Gain a Seat at the Table by Partnering with a PSAO

In speaking with pharmacists to find out what is instrumental to the success of their businesses, this month, we spoke with Keith J. Haddix, Jr., RPh, about why he chose Sav-Mor to help him keep up with the changing pharmacy landscape. Read his story below to learn about the benefits of partnering with Sav-Mor and […]

Our New Family Accounts

Families can now add multiple patients into a single family account. This feature can also be used by nurses in long-term care facilities to create patient groups. Older versions of the website refill process and mobile app did not allow for multi-patient information to be stored and transmitted from a single account. We uncovered the […]