How to Get Your Marketing Strategy Back In Shape

With the holidays around the corner, many of us may be thinking about how to enjoy the season of food and family without overindulging on too much on turkey or stuffing. As you might guess, moderation and making a plan is key to keeping your body healthy and your heart happy. Similarly, you may be […]

How Michelle’s Pharmacy Increased Online Refills By Setting Digital Goals

What happens when a pharmacy integrates their digital strategy with their business strategy? Many pharmacies separate their digital services from their business operations. But Michelle Dyer, owner of Michelle’s Pharmacy, wanted to see how much more they could achieve by incorporating digital goals into their annual plans. Seven months later, Michelle’s Pharmacy saw a 95% […]

Leverage Online Reviews to Benefit Your Business

Online reviews are becoming more important to customers in deciding which businesses to visit. According to a recent survey, “90% of customers read online review before visiting a business,”1 meaning that digital is now a requirement to compete in the marketplace. Luckily for local pharmacies, there are options available to them for collecting reviews. The […]

American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Steve Smoker

Visitors to Paragould, Arkansas are often surprised to catch a glimpse of a seven-foot-tall bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty, the oldest replica outside of New York state, that sits on the grounds of the town’s historic courthouse. It has been a fixture in Paragould for as long as anyone can remember, just like […]

How Boaz Discount Drugs Boosted Scripts By 40%

According to Dale Johnson, pharmacist and owner of Boaz Discount Drugs, launching his digital platforms was a long time coming. After forty years of business with a loyal community of patients, Boaz Discount Drugs found it necessary to offer new digital convenience features such as a website and mobile app. With the ability to refill […]

American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Dr. Andy Pottenger

The town of Lewiston, Idaho on the Idaho/Washington border was once named the #1 town in the country by Outdoor Life magazine. So when pharmacist Andy Pottenger purchased an independent pharmacy in Lewiston in 2015, he drew inspiration from the land when choosing a new name. Hells Canyon is North America’s deepest river gorge and […]

Curry Pharmacy’s Strategy To Increase Digital Refills By 45%

As a locally owned and operated pharmacy, Curry Pharmacy has been in the small town of Clinton, Louisiana since 1975 and is keenly aware of their patients’ needs. Whether through means of personal consultations or an IVR solution, Curry recognized that the tools for servicing patients were becoming more and more sophisticated. For this reason, […]

American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Terry Dick

Nestled in the small town of Stanley, North Dakota, the Dakota Drug Company has proudly served the area’s 5,000 or so residents for over 100 years. Current owner and pharmacist Terry Dick purchased Dakota Drug in 2009. After spending 15 years working at a chain pharmacy, Mr. Dick realized that owning an independent pharmacy in […]

How MedSource Saved 16 Hours By Doubling Down on Digital

Located in Kinston, North Carolina, MedSource Pharmacy is a well-established pharmacy with 35 years of pharmaceutical expertise. With a loyal customer base, MedSource works hard just to keep up with the high volume of scripts that come through on a monthly basis. We sat down with Justin, manager at MedSource Pharmacy, to see how their […]

American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Anyssa Garza

To celebrate American Pharmacists Month, we will be highlighting a few pharmacists from our network who exemplify what it means to serve in the field. To kick off the month, we started with our very own Digital Pharmacist, Anyssa Garza, Pharm.D. Every pharmacist has their own reason for pursuing a career in healthcare. For Anyssa, […]