Pharmacy Facebook Ads Reach Millions

Wouldn't you want to save 38% on your Facebook Ads? That's what happens when you choose Digital Pharmacist to manage your Facebook Marketing.

According to a Salesforce report on Facebook ads across industries, the CPC (or Cost Per Click) in the health industry is $0.36 on averageⁱ. The average CPC with us? $0.22 – a huge difference.


Not only is it the most affordable form of advertising, it’s extremely targeted as well. Your ads will only show to potential patients in your geographical area, so you know you’re reaching a high quality audience.

“I’m reaching customers all the way out in Lansing and they’re coming into the store saying they saw my ad”, Bob Phipps – Fowlerville Pharmacy.

Digital Marketing Results – March

  • Facebook Advertising Impressions: 1,193,125
  • Facebook Clicks to Pharmacy Websites: 28,072
  • Average CPC: $0.22



Join our 170 pharmacy customers already utilizing a Digital Marketing subscription to increase awareness and drive customers into their pharmacy.

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