How to Save 70 Hours per Month

In the life of an independent pharmacist, time is often the most valuable commodity. With over 6,000 scripts coming into the pharmacy each month, Monte Barron of Cleburne Drug knew that he needed a better system in place if he was going to truly deliver on the independent pharmacy guarantee: individualized patient care. Fast forward to today and Cleburne Drug’s digital services are saving staff members over 70 hours on the phone, allowing them to get back in front of their patients.

Monte’s goal was simple: respond to his patient’s requests and provide convenient online services. What Monte found not only resulted in a better patient experience but tangible and measurable benefits for Monte and his team. Last month, Cleburne Drug saw over 275 online refills that would have normally required staff member attention.

When asked how they achieved such tremendous results, Monte noted many common in-store promotional strategies; the difference was in the implementation by his staff. By educating his team on the benefits of the online platforms, they could be personal ambassadors of Cleburne’s digital services at the point of sale. Combined with in-store signage and some simple social media marketing campaigns, Monte and his team were able to inform and remind patients of all the benefits of Cleburne’s digital services.

With a 110:1 return on his investment and over $22,000 of revenue generated, Monte has discovered the value of his digital services and plans to keep his foot on the gas. Through further promotion of his pharmacy’s online services, Monte hopes to capture even more digital refills, maximizing his labor efficiency and continuing to deliver the level of care his patients deserve.

“These services have been very beneficial both for patient convenience and staff efficiency. I would hate to go back to the old days before our digital platform,” said Monte Barron.

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