How Custer Pharmacy Saved Time and Money With Digital

Located in the rural town of Cadiz, Ohio, Custer Pharmacy has been delivering premium prescription services to the Harrison and Jefferson County since 1930. For the majority of that lifespan, Custer Pharmacy has been refilling prescriptions the old fashioned way, on the phone with patients.

Only recently have they joined the digital age and launched their personalized mobile app and website. We sat down with Jason, owner of Custer Pharmacy, to find out the exact impact of their digital services and how they plan to further grow their pharmacy.

According to Jason, the custom personalization and inexpensive cost of their new digital products were the main reason for the switch. After about a year on their new digital products, Custer Pharmacy saw significant, consistent growth in patient engagement, resulting in a 28:1 return on investment for the month of August.

The tangible impact of the ROI was due to improved efficiency behind the counter. Previously, too much time was spent on the phones inputting refills manually or troubleshooting their older digital products which broke on almost a biweekly basis. After updating their products and joining the Digital Pharmacist family, Jason and his team save approximately 18 hours on the phone every month.

Custer Pharmacy employed a number a of promotional strategies to spread the word about their new convenience services. From adding mobile app promos on their prescription bags, to in-store signage and consistent social media posts, these simple tactics proved to be effective enough to engage a large portion of patients.

Jason and his staff have embraced their success, but won’t let up on promoting their digital products as he still sees a large opportunity for growth. His goal is to hit 500 monthly refills, which would result in an additional 38x ROI and another 24 hours of time saved on the phone every month. Through more social media promotions and point of sale demonstrations, Jason is confident that patient engagement with their digital products will continue to play a significant role in growing his business as a whole.

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