Spotlight on New Mobile App Feature: Medication Reminders

The latest version of our mobile app is focused on improving your patient medication adherence (among other things). We’ll dive into each of the key features so you can see exactly how these new digital tools make it easier for your patients to be… patients.

Medication Reminders give your patients a chance to take each of their medications when they’re supposed to, as many times as they’re supposed to. Reminders can be set per medication, multiple days of the week, multiple times per day, and indicate how many pills to take.

All reminders are set within the pharmacy’s app, but will pop up like push notifications when the time comes. This way your patients don’t even need to have the app open to receive their reminders.

Once the reminder actually pops up, patients will have 3 options:

Take – marks the medication as taken and turns off the notification

Skip – skips this notification

Snooze – delays the notification for 5 minutes

As a bonus, anytime a patient refills their medication through the app, that medication will automatically be stored in the “Medication Reminders” section, prompting them to complete the process. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for your patients to take their medication as prescribed.

To get this new feature and your free upgrade to the new app, speak with a member of our success team at (877) 959-7550 or click here.

If you want to learn how you can leverage this feature and become a Digital Pharmacist, contact us now.

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