Converting Technology Skeptics into Loyal Pharmacy Fans

With a population of over 80,000 people, residents of Longview, Texas have plenty of options when it comes to meeting their pharmaceutical needs. Shawn Sams, owner of Louis Morgan Drug #4, knew that personalized patient care along with the convenience of digital solutions would create a key competitive advantage in today’s pharmaceutical marketplace.

Since launching their website and mobile app, Louis Morgan Drug has seen their business skyrocket. They have received over 5000 online refills, 550 of those occurring in May alone with an average of 2000 visitors to their website every month. With a 134x return on investment, the results speak for themselves.

Because patients have different comfort levels with technology, Shawn divided his customers into three key groups with customized action plans:

  1. Technology Lovers: (Online Marketing) More receptive to digital products in general, simple online and social media promotions created awareness.
  2. Technology Amateurs (In-Store Consultations): Warey of digital, Shawn focused on educating this group with in-store signage and personal demonstrations.
  3. Technology Skeptics (Trusted Referral): Convinced only by personal experience or personal referral, Shawn made himself available to members of this group by downloading the mobile app for them and saving their prescription information, lowering the barrier to engagement.  

To help get the word out, Louis Morgan Drug also included scannable QR codes on 1200 community flyers and in their weekly email newsletter. These QR codes directed users to download the app.

It became obvious that Louis Morgan’s digital services were working when they collected 220 reviews from patients who ranked their services 4.9 out of 5 stars. Shawn was thrilled with the feedback and told Digital Pharmacist, “we truly care about our customers and want to be sure that everyone is treated like family.”