Upbeat Colorado Pharmacy is Focal Point of Hospital

Colorado is known for its winter sports and plethora of outdoor activities - and Platte Valley Pharmacy is known for being there when those activities go...south.

We got the chance to talk to pharmacist and owner of Platte Valley Pharmacy, Tom Gierwatoski, fresh out of his interview with the local Denver news. The news station was doing a “9Wants to Know” piece all about how drug price inflation is affecting America. Being that Tom is on the Board of Directors for RxPlus (a member–owned cooperative buying group), he was able to offer up his opinion.

Getting interviewed by local news is one of the many ways Platte Valley Pharmacy stays extremely busy. The pharmacy itself is inside of a large hospital and medical complex, meaning they see a ton of foot traffic every day and have worked hard to create an appearance that’s very warm and inviting. Tom explained that “a lot of Colorado injuries are outdoor related injuries – so we deal out an extensive amount of splints, slings, and braces. And hiking is huge out here so we have a ton of foot injuries – we’ve dedicated an entire 8 foot section of the store to insoles.”

In addition to taking an active role in helping people be active outdoors – Tom and his staff also believe in actively counseling their patients about how their medications interact with other medications. Especially with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Tom explains that “we have to be extremely cognizant of the effects of marijuana on prescriptions drugs and incorporate that into our counseling. We have to be more ready to answer questions about it”

Tom also explained that he relies heavily on technology in order to be able to allocate resources to more patient-centric activities, and letting his staff focus on activities that machines can’t do. When asked about his experience with RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform, says Tom “we get a lot of refills through our pharmacy app…it’s reduced phone calls and allowed technicians to spend their time engaging in more profitable parts of the business.”

Tom went on to explain “I want to be able to continue marketing the way I do to the older population, but I’m not going to ignore the other generations who communicate in a completely different fashion. You need to be flexible in order to reach patients.”

To learn more about the Digital Pharmacist platform that Platte Valley Pharmacy uses to reach their patients, contact us.