Patient Engagement Dashboard

The patient engagement dashboard is the go-to place for managing and understanding all of your customer interactions.

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Understand your Patients

The patient engagement dashboard allows you to consistently find the answers to all of your customer questions.

With a single click you can learn all kinds of information. The data is always available at your fingertips when you need it.


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Manage Mobile and Web Communications

Our easy-to-use card interface lets you promote special events in your store, highlight specials and discounts, and communicate special store hours.

The message to your customers is up to you. We're just here to give you an easy-to-use interface to reach them.

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Enroll Patients In Revenue Programs

Do you have a patient that might be fit for a clinical trial program? Maybe they would be interested in a lab test?

With the Patient Engagement Dashboard, you can now sign them up for these special services and earn incremental revenue.

How to Get Access

Sign up for any of our package deals and you will automatically receive access to your engagement dashboard.