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7 Don’t-Miss Conferences for Pharmacists in 2024

Last updated Jan 18, 2024 | Pharmacy Management

Are you already geared up for upcoming conferences or has planning out your show attendances this year fallen by the wayside in the midst of an already-busy 2023? Whether you need opportunities for continuing education, want to explore new services, discover industry trends, or just network with other professionals like yourself, there are several shows that provide those opportunities and more! Below are a few conferences for pharmacists on our radar – and you might want to add them to yours as well.

1) APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition

APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition is a comprehensive meeting for pharmacy professionals and future leaders in pharmacy to learn about leadership, career opportunities, and patient safety from nationally recognized experts. Additionally, for those wishing to pursue a residency, attending this conference is key because it offers training specifically geared toward helping you improve your chances of matching.

📅  March 17-21

📍 Phoenix, AZ

👉 More about APhA’s Annual Meeting & Exposition.

2) Your State Pharmacy Association’s Meeting

‍ Your state pharmacy association hosts meetings and expos. These can allow you to network with other pharmacists in your area and give you specific tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to practice and make changes on the state-wide level.

3) ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings and Exhibition

The ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings and Exhibition are hosted by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP). The meetings focus on professional development, networking with colleagues, and updating the latest clinical skills for pharmacy professionals. The annual meeting also provides the Residency Showcase to help you connect with residency directors. ASHP also has Personnel Placement Services (PPS), the pharmacy’s largest job fair, that allows you to connect with hiring managers from every area of the pharmacy.

📅 Dec 3-7

📍 Anaheim, CA

👉 More about ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings and Exhibition

4) ACCP Annual Meeting

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy National Meeting is held in October each year. It is an excellent opportunity to network with clinical pharmacy leaders across the nation and offers a variety of educational sessions to bring the best and brightest to pharmacy professionals to learn.

📅 Sept 10-12

📍 Bellevue, WA

👉 More about ACCP annual meeting


TDS SYNC conferences bring together the expansive TDS network of independent pharmacies, industry-leading solutions, valuable technology partners, and subject matter experts. Previously the CEO of TDS has said that “Enhancing the patient experience and improving pharmacy performance is our top priority with the conference as we help our clients manage profitability and operate at the top of their license.”



👉 More about TDS SYNC

6) PCCA International Seminar

Through PCCA members are part of the world leader in pharmacy compounding. Conference includes over 300 compounding pharmacists, a wealth of education, speakers providing not only informative sessions but motivation and entertainment as well, and multiple clinical keynotes to round out your experience.

📅 Oct 25-28

📍Houston, TX

👉 More about PCCA International Seminar

7) NCPDP Annual Conference

NCPDP’s Annual Conference brings members of the healthcare team together to network, learn and share diverse perspectives on industry challenges and solutions. There will be multiple opportunities to gain CPE credits, including attending a CE hosted by our own Digital Pharmacist CEO. 

📅  May 8-10

📍 Scottsdale, AZ

👉 More about NCPDP Annual Conference

We hope that these conferences for pharmacists will make it on your list to attend for the year and years to come. They are a great resource for learning about new products and networking with potential partners in the industry. We will be attending a majority of these shows as Lumistry so make sure you stop by to say hi! We would love to connect in person with you.

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