Achieving 100 App Downloads In Month One

Changing customer’s behaviors can be difficult and slow, often requiring elaborate promotional campaigns. However, Evan from Nord’s Pharmacy, found a way to bypass this entirely by leveraging social media in an organic way. He decided to attend the annual health fair at the local Fosston High School and use the opportunity to meet with patients and display his new digital services on a mass scale.

The Nord’s Pharmacy team conducted 75 in-person mobile app demonstrations, set up large displays of their website and livestreamed the entire event. Because of their dedicated efforts to educate patients about online services, Evan saw 100 mobile app downloads in his first month and over 450 new website visitors. This initiative resulted in a dramatic spike in online engagement and a 9 to 1 return on investment at month’s end.

Once patients saw the convenience of digital services for themselves, Nord’s Pharmacy drew in over 90 online refills within the first thirty days. Through social media trends such as #smallbusinessweek, Nord’s partnered with local merchants and conducted online giveaways as a way to double their online audience, allowing their message of digital convenience to spread like wildfire.

While patients were happy with new digital services, his staff loved how streamlined refills became. Many times prescriptions wouldn’t go through their IVR system because the patient was out of refills or the prescription number had changed. With online refills coming in via fax, the pharmacy team had an opportunity to double check the Rx for each patient more quickly. Hours of time previously spent on the phone were now available for more one-on-one patient interactions, proving digital is one of a pharmacy’s best tools for better patient care.

“We are excited to see refills grow with the use of the app and website. We can focus on efficient and quality interaction with patients actually in the pharmacy, versus time spent on the phone,” said Evan.

Nord’s Pharmacy continues to promote digital services by leveraging social media and the local community. Evan is already on track to surpass 175 mobile app downloads by next month.
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