American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Travis Hale, PharmD

By Chris Watkins – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Last week, we kicked off American Pharmacists Month with Nord’s Pharmacy in Fosston, Minnesota and their co-owners, Ruth and Evan Fonder. Our next spotlight focuses on Travis Hale, PharmD, co-owner of Remington Drug Co. and how he found community pharmacy to be an integral part of the local healthcare system.

Taking a note from a pharmacist in the family, Travis Hale first thought of becoming a pharmacist while in high school. Always interested in science and healthcare, Travis was quick to jump into the industry and took a job as a pharmacy technician at CVS after graduating from high school. After earning a BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech, he pursued his Doctorate in Pharmacy at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University all while working at various local pharmacies, including Family Care Pharmacy, a long term care pharmacy.

It was this juxtaposition between a national, big-box chain store and local pharmacy that sold him on the community pharmacy model. As Travis puts it, “my favorite part of being a pharmacist is being part of the community and being a trusted healthcare resource…making something like healthcare easier to understand.”  From this relationship, the patients can best discern if they need to purchase an over-the-counter medication or schedule an appointment with a doctor, he further explained.

When he first got involved with Remington Drug Co. he found that the pharmacists and staff “actually loved what they did.” After learning of an opening for the Pharmacist-in-Charge position at Remington Drug Co., he quickly applied after graduating from pharmacy school in 2007. Travis became a co-owner in 2015 along with his partner Al Roberts, RPh in which their goal was to continue on the legacy of Remington Drug Co. They pride themselves on knowing everyone that walks in our door.

They strive to provide a complement of services that will better serve the healthcare needs of our community by expanding the services offered while still keeping the charm of one of America’s small-town pharmacies intact.

Originally established in 1913, Travis and the team at Remington Drug Co. have continued to serve as a resource for Remington, Virginia community, emphasizing programs over products. With over 400 patients on medication synchronization and pushing programs such as their accredited diabetes program, they believe people will continue to come back to Remington Drug Co. for the level of service they can’t find anywhere else.

Happy American Pharmacists Month from all of us at Digital Pharmacist! We are so appreciative of all of your dedication to your community. Stay tuned for next week’s pharmacist spotlight.