Community Pharmacies and Social Media: It’s Worth It

Community pharmacists pride themselves on the relationships they have with their patients. As a result, many shy away from using social media. But what many pharmacists don’t realize is that social media is actually a way of continuing to build that relationship outside of the pharmacy.

We recently hosted a webinar alongside two community pharmacists to get their favorite social media tips and tricks. Below are some key takeaways that can help get you on your way.

Focus on the right networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all good social networks to help patients stay connected. Those three are a great (and relevant!) place to start. Other networks like Pinterest and LinkedIn have less relevance to community pharmacists and their patients, so it’s okay to skip those for now.

Building an audience and regularly posting relevant content is critical.

Aim to post multiple times a week (it seems like a lot, but it’s necessary to post this much so that Facebook actually shows your posts to your audience). As far as content, we’ve found that the most successful topics are health content, information about new products, goings-on in the local community, and promotions/discounts. These topics have all proven to be engaging with patients.

Supercharge your social media with advertising, especially on Facebook.

Ads can increase refills (up to a 38% increase), drive traffic to your website (up to a 128% increase), and increase Facebook views (up to a 567% increase). Budgets don’t have to be high in order to see results. They can be as low as $20/month or much more (up to $200/month) and still drive action. But, we would strongly recommend that you don’t go it alone because it’s not easy to decide where to allocate budget – and you might end up wasting your money. Our Customer Success Team can help you get set up – just email us at [email protected] or call us on (877) 959-7550 and we’ll talk you through our social media program.

To get more tips like these, feel free to watch our full webinar, “Using social media to drive new patients and new transactions.” You’ll hear from two community pharmacists and a resident social media expert at RxWiki (ignore the first 30 seconds of the video – it’s just the intro slide!). You can also download the slides below – and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Social Media Webinar Slides [PDF]