Your Digital Questions Answered by Digital Marketing Expert, Chris Watkins

Our digital marketing team is expanding and more experts equal better service. Meet Chris Watkins, who is passionate about delivering digital marketing solutions to help your pharmacy succeed.

Chris Watkins is an Austin native with a successful history of marketing in the healthcare industry. When he’s not crafting marketing solutions, he’s cycling through the Austin hill country or enjoying the local music scene. Chris is a hard worker who is passionate about helping independent pharmacies and their communities. Check out his answers to three common marketing questions:

DP: How involved do I, the pharmacist, need to be in the digital marketing process?

CW: It’s up to you! If you’re too busy to fill your website with photos and information, don’t worry. You need only provide us with an initial overview of your pharmacy and any unique services you’d like to highlight. From then on, you’re free to check in as much or as little as you’d like. We’ll make sure everything’s running smoothly.

On the other hand, we have users who call the marketing team so often that we know them by name. They enjoy utilizing their website to keep patients updated on what’s going on in their pharmacy.

Chris works closely with the team at Aeva Pharmacy to promote how their personal touch contributes to local heath care.

There are also aspects of the website and mobile app that pharmacies have complete control over. For example, pharmacists can create a promotional coupon at any time on the mobile app dashboard. Once created, app users are notified of the promotion. All they need to do to redeem it is display the promo card on their phone. We strive to create direct pharmacy-to-patient communication – no middleman, no lag time.

DP: How personalized can my mobile app and website be?

CW: Again, the level of personalization is up to you. But as far as our ability to personalize, we can do a lot! We’ve built websites that are full of staff photos and info about the pharmacy’s latest happenings. Just tell us what you want to update or customize and we’ll make it happen.

And even if you don’t have the time to personalize your website, we’ll still find images that exemplify you unique products and services. We build all of our websites for success, so your website will do well regardless of how much of how little you customize.

Kings Pharmacy requested specific promotions that are big revenue drivers for the pharmacy and Chris delivered.

DP: How do I increase the usage of my website and mobile app?

CW: We encourage our pharmacists to be proactive in educating patients about their mobile presence. Every time a new website goes live, we direct that user to our print marketing materials. We provide flyers, bag stuffers, window stickers, and more promotional templates that can be easily customized, printed, and distributed. In-person communication is the best way to promote your website and mobile app. These templates are free and highly encouraged for all subscribers.

Do you have questions or want to know more about what we can do for your pharmacy? Contact us at [email protected].