Florida Pharmacy Serves 47 States Across the Country

APS Pharmacy in Palm Harbor, Florida is not your typical community pharmacy. Not only does the majority of their patient base come from relationships with physicians, they also happen to serve patients in 47 states across the country.

Jaime Rios, President and Co-Founder of APS Pharmacy explained that the pharmacy acquires patients in a much different way than most independent pharmacies. Rather than relying on walk-ins and residents of the local community, APS gets the majority of their business and patients through close relationships with physicians across the country. They even go to tradeshows and conferences in order to build relationships with new doctors. Because of this, the majority of their business is mail-order with a prescription from the physician.

Many doctors across the country work with APS Pharmacy specifically for hormone therapy. Jaime explained, “from the beginning, we focused on getting pharmacists communicating with physicians so they could have really clinical conversations.” That’s not only because it’s important from a compounding standpoint due to regulatory issues, but also because of the nature of the therapies and treatments that patients come to the pharmacy for. “Patients know about our relationship with their physicians. So they know that if they have a consultation, all of their healthcare providers are on the same page.”

Jaime explained that the patients they have acquired are extremely involved and proactive about their health and medications. “These are the type of people that are really into wellness. Either they’ve started a medical weight loss program and want to continue it, or they’re going through hormone replacement therapy and want to keep feeling great. Either way, they’re actively looking for solutions,” says Jaime.

The nature of their patients is exactly why the pharmacy knew going digital was a necessity. “I always knew our patients were very active in their own health, so I knew they would want to interact online and on social media,” explained Jaime. APS Pharmacy not only takes advantage of RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform, they also do LinkedIn marketing to interact with physicians, and have partnered with Suzanne Somers for additional wellness content.

“Once patients start therapies and start feeling good, they want to continue that. And when you feel good, you talk about it,” explained Jaime. “From our standpoint, we’re continuously involved in these patients’ lives. Whether that’s through their medications or online because they’re talking about their health. It’s inspiring to see so many people across the country involved in wellness, it’s even made me more proactive about my own health.”

To learn more about how APS Pharmacy leverages RxWiki to reach their patients and get them engaged online, contact us at [email protected] or call us at (877) 959-7550.