How Gayco Healthcare Boosted Productivity by 29% with 43% Fewer Staff

We regularly speak to pharmacists to share how they are growing their business with a new product. This month we spoke to Gayco Healthcare about how TCGRx's Inspect Rx® has contributed to their business growth. Read their story below and take advantage of their special offer on TCGRx's automation solutions.

Since the establishment of Gayco Healthcare 24 years ago in Dublin, Georgia, the majority of their business has been in providing medications to long-term care facilities including nursing homes, skilled facilities and assisted living facilities.

Five years ago, Gayco Healthcare was providing blister cards on a 28-day cycle to 2,400 beds with 88 employees. Now, without sacrificing accuracy, they provide medication pouches to 3,100 beds (29% productivity increase) with only 50 employees (43% staff decrease).

We interviewed Jon Martin, Director of Business Development, at Gayco Healthcare to find out how they are able to accurately provide medication pouches to more beds with fewer staff .

Jon told us, “Because of the efficiency in packaging medications through our ATP® 2 machines and running them through our InspectRx machine, we deliver a better product.”

With patient safety as their number one goal, Gayco Healthcare utilizes TCGRx’s InspectRx mainly because the medication imaging system of InspectRx increases the overall accuracy and is highly efficient — saving time and lowering labor costs.

“When TCGRx developed the InspectRx, this provided a solution for patient safety. Making sure that it is accurate and it is the right med, right pack , for the right patient and the right time was paramount,” he stated.

Gayco Healthcare runs a 3-day cycle with 16,000-20,000 bags on Monday/Tuesday and a 4-day cycle with 28,000-32,000 bags on Thursday/Friday. Because of the large volume of medications they were sending out every day, they were looking for a system that offered a safer and more efficient process than just having multiple pharmacists on staff.

To solve the safety concern, they chose TCGRx’s InspectRx solution because they are able to run the thousands of bags through the InspectRx solution and it offers a 12-point verification system. With this system, the Gayco Healthcare staff feels confident the medications they are dispensing are accurate.

“These solutions have helped us tremendously when you look at labor costs but what we really like about it is we are able to deliver a better product to our facilities that helps improve patient safety. So it has been a big win-win for the pharmacy and the facilities,” Jon stated.

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