Get a Free In-Person Digital Health Check

Swing by Booth #303 at the EPIC Stockholders Meeting & Trade Show in Orlando this weekend for your ten minute digital health check and free t-shirt.

On Sunday, April 23, be sure to catch an informative and insightful presentation by Azim Nagree, President of Digital Solutions, speaking on driving adherence and business initiatives with online tools.

Can’t make it this weekend? Come and visit us at any of these upcoming conferences:

– NPSC – Booth #4 – Groton, CT, April 25-26
– AAP – Booth #40 – Kissimmee, FL, April 27-29

– Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit – Booth #708 – Las Vegas, NV, April 30-May 3

For help with building digital solutions for your pharmacy, please give us a call at 877-959-7550 or email [email protected].