Get Your Pharmacy Back-To-School Ready

Backpack, check. Books, check. Flu Shot, check?

There’s more to getting ready for the school year than just backpacks and books. Back to school medical needs are just as important to ensure your kids are well prepared for the classroom.

From seasonal vaccinations to allergy meds, make sure your pharmacy is ready to advertise and supply your community’s most important medical needs for the school year. Many of your patients need to refill their children’s medications such as inhalers and EpiPens but just haven’t thought of it yet. It’s the perfect time to remind them to stop by now, rather than during the middle of flu season.

Luckily, your digital products can do a lot of this work for you. You can create announcements on your website, add promotional messages to your mobile app or spread the news via patient eNewsletter ads. For example, you could create a promo card advertising your pharmacy as a “one-stop-shop for all of your cold and cough needs.” This helps inform patients that they can turn to you to get prepared.

If you want to significantly increase foot traffic into the pharmacy, promote a “Back-to-School’ sale with a coupon code or special offer such as $10 off over-the-counter goods. Remember, your patients are already out getting ready for the school year, so a little incentive can go a long way in getting them in the door.  

Back to school needs are also not limited to medical needs. Make sure to promote basics like pencils, tissues and notebooks so your patients come to you first before considering your big box competitors.

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