GNP Award Winner’s Secret Revenue Stream

Liss Pharmacy in Newark, NJ was GNP Pharmacy of the Year in 2011. The 100-year-old pharmacy makes an extra $6,000 per year doing something most pharmacies might not think to do - ear piercings.

“Our patients know and trust us to do the procedure,” says Rich Mistichelli, Pharmacist. “We have been serving different generations of the same families for years. We are a close-knit city and people here have strong loyalties to local businesses. We show the same respect that our patients give to us.”

Reaching far beyond its unique ear-piercing side business, Liss Pharmacy earned the GNP Pharmacy of the Year title in 2011 due to its pharmacists’ focus on addressing very serious medical issues in the Newark community.

“Diabetes is a huge problem in our area and is directly affecting large numbers of patients, so we have focused a tremendous amount of time and effort on Medication Therapy Management to help patients adhere to their medications and improve their quality of life,“ said Rich. “We pride ourselves in helping our community improve their health. We know that opening up the lines of communication with patients can improve outcomes.”

Liss selected RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform to reach patients online. “We needed to get our name out there more and we needed someone to facilitate that, especially with all of the millennials online. [RxWiki is] rated highly with NCPA and already working with many other community pharmacies, so we decided to try it out, and it’s paying off.”

Liss is also investing heavily in social media. Before becoming a Digital Pharmacist, Rich explained, Liss Pharmacy “had zero presence on Facebook. Now, we love being online and interacting with our customers and continuing to raise awareness for our store and our services.”

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