How Moweaqua Pharmacy Got 250 Refills Per Month on Mobile

Moweaqua Pharmacy is a household name in its community and a perfect example of a pharmacy that goes above and beyond for its customers. Owner and pharmacist, Terry Traster, is well-known for providing quality care and treating his patients like family. 

He’s always looking for new ways to increase the efficiency of his pharmacy to improve his patients lives, so Terry decided to get a mobile app in December of 2015, which allows refills to be placed without a phone call or visit to the store. Since launching, the store has received over 3900 digital refills through the app, averaging over 250 refills per month for the past five months.

Building upon the success of the mobile app, Terry decided to expand his digital presence through a couple different avenues:

  • Build a website to grow brand awareness and give refill capabilities to customers who did not wish to download a mobile app
  • Launch his Facebook digital marketing program to attract new customers and promote their website and mobile app

Since launching their website and digital marketing just 45 days ago, Moweaqua Pharmacy has received over 340 visitors to their website. 

To help promote his new products, Terry made sure that all employees were trained on how to use the app and could show patients how to download and refill their prescriptions effortlessly. He also made sure to keep their Facebook page updated with relevant posts and information.

Through their digital tools, Moweaqua Pharmacy also collects feedback from patients who refill digitally. So far, Terry has received over 200 customer-certified reviews earning an average 4.97 star rating. For example, real time feedback from a recent reviewer said “I love that you are a click away to order my meds. I also really appreciate the delivery service. These services that you offer make my life much easier. Thank you.”

With only positive feedback coming from his patients, Terry continues to invest in his digital products. Going digital has allowed Terry and staff to focus on what’s most important, servicing and growing personal relationships with every customer.