How the New Patient Button and Transfer Option Works

Every month, Digital Pharmacist helps independent pharmacies attract over 1,000 new transfers via the pharmacy’s healthsite “New Patient” function. Our New Patient pages are are unique to the pharmacy and are ideally designed for search engine optimization. 

When patients register with the pharmacy via the “New Patient” function, Digital Pharmacist sends a secure fax with all of the information the patient has submitted. This information includes the required details to initiate the transfer. 

We were the first to introduce secure “New Patient” registration in May 2018 and the first to pair these new “landing pages” with social media advertising through our Digital Marketing Program.  

New Patient Function and Landing Page

Patients will then enter the necessary information on the transfer page. Your patients can easily indicate they want to transfer all of their medications with a click of a box.

Transfer Page

Once this information is submitted, Digital Pharmacist will send you a secure fax with all of the information you need to initiate the transfer.

Pharmacies have seen great success with this healthsite feature. For details on where patients are transferring using this new feature, be sure to check out Chart of the Month: Where Are Patients Transferring From?

To learn more about how to maximize your healthsite with a “New Patient” button, give us a call at (877) 959-7550 or email us at [email protected]