Improve Medication Adherence and Your Star Ratings

Past research has shown that around 50 percent of your patients will not take their medications as prescribed. Not only does non-adherence affect the patient’s health outcomes and cost the healthcare system billions each year, it affects your Star Ratings based on quality measures.

With that in mind we are laser focused on helping you help your patients by creating a digital refill transaction process that is easy-to-use and as convenient as possible for customers to maximize refills.

To further promote adherence, the next version of our mobile app will include both refill and pill reminders to explicitly encourage patients to take and refill their medications as directed. We are focused on positively impacting the medication possession ratio (MPR) and we believe our refill and pill reminders can help reduce the average number of days it takes to refill a 30-day medication from 37 (<80%) to 30 days (100%).

Since a patient’s knowledge about his or her health condition and medications highly influences adherence we will continue to offer an extensive library of medication and health information as well to educate patients, improve quality of life and health outcomes.

With this digital refill transaction process and content solutions, our goal is to increase med-adherence and in turn positively impact your Star Ratings that are highly dependent on medication adherence for type 2 diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.

Learn how the Digital Pharmacist platform can help you maximize your pharmacy star rating.

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