Increase Patient Engagement Through Facebook

Posting content that your patients will enjoy is easier than it seems. Here are four ideas for creating engaging content that you can post to Facebook today:

1) Make a Meme

Memes are the pinnacle of internet culture. They portray relatable jokes consisting of a comedic photo and text, often using iconic film and internet characters. Memes are a good way to connect with your internet savvy patients because they are humorous and produce an immediate reaction.

Driven by convenience, millennials tend to flock to the big chain pharmacies. However, you can engage this demographic by speaking their language with a funny meme. Patients might even share it with their Facebook friends, spreading the word about your pharmacy.

2) Showcase your Staff

Got a technician with an inspiring story? Let your community know. Establishing an emotional connection between your patients and employees is a great way to build trust and help create a sense of community. Sharing a personal story exemplifies the fact that you and your staff are real, compassionate people who will make every effort to make patients feel comfortable. One of our Digital Pharmacies, Coastal Pharmacy, has done a great job of showcasing their staff in weekly newsletters. 

3) Support your Local Community

Volunteer with with a special cause or get involved in community outreach to spread the word about health and wellness. Getting your staff involved in a volunteer project will not only build camaraderie among the team, but also make them feel great about helping others and generate some great press for your pharmacy. For example, check out Annie’s Apothecary. Owner Leigh Ann and her staff attend community events to help spread the word about holistic health and even offer free supplement samples.


4) Run a Seasonal Promotion

Seasonal promotions are a great way to bring more traffic into your pharmacy and give your patients a little holiday gift to say thank you for their loyal service.


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