Innovative Community Pharmacy Does Movie Night in the Parking Lot

Louis Morgan Drug in Longview, Texas is no stranger to community service and innovation. In addition to providing in-store drug prescription services, this local institution offers:

– Pharmacy services to 8 nursing homes

– Pharmacy services to a community health organization for low-income individuals

– A gift shop and bridal registry

– A flourishing walk-in retail center

– Branded Louis Morgan t-shirts, the proceeds of which go to the local women’s shelter, House of Hope

– Summer community movie nights in the Louis Morgan parking lot

“These services and events bring the community together and also strengthen our relationship with our patients.” said Staff Pharmacist, Shawn Sams.

When Sams learned how mobile and social media could have a positive impact on community engagement, he embraced both wholeheartedly. “For a pharmacy that focuses on active engagement with its community, the Digital Pharmacist program was a perfect fit. The Facebook content helps us come up top in search results and the mobile app was a big draw, it allowed us to stand out and compete directly with the big box chains.”

Sams is applying the same offline engagement tactics to get patients to embrace his new mobile and social presence. “We plan to reward patients with unique, pharmacy-branded memorabilia such as golf balls, koozies and t-shirts for website visits and mobile app downloads,” he says.

As the community gathers to enjoy movie night in the Louis Morgan Drug parking lot this summer, one thing is for sure, no one will be asked to switch off their mobile phones, but rather download the Louis Morgan Drug app!

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