It’s Here: Integration with Dispensing Software

It’s official - RxWiki now integrates directly with over 50 pharmacy management systems (PMS). This means that when a patient refills their prescription online or through your pharmacy app, it will push directly into your dispensing software rather than sending you a fax.

We’ve spent the last few weeks testing and retesting to make sure this integration works exactly how you need it to, and doesn’t allow any refills to fall through the cracks. For instance, a refill prescription number must be present in your PMS in order for the refill to be submitted successfully. Patients will be notified immediately if a refill is not valid so they can fix any incorrectly inputted information.


Once the prescriptions are successfully submitted, patients will be taken to a page like the one below. This page is entirely customizable to your pharmacy – from the image to the confirmation message so you can give your patients the exact experience you want them to have.


When the prescription refill is submitted, it will go directly into your work queue along with any comments entered by the patient.

Both your pharmacy website and mobile app can support this brand new integration. Now, not only will refilling prescriptions online fit seamlessly into your patients’ lives, it also fits seamlessly into your daily workflow.

For more information on whether or not you’re eligible for this integration, email our Digital Experts or call us at (877) 959-7550