How Hartzell’s Pharmacy Attracted 80 Customers on Valentine’s Day

When Kerri Puskar at Hartzell’s Pharmacy near Allentown, Pennsylvania launched a digital marketing campaign last month, 80 customers responded by coming into the store to buy merchandise. Here is how she did it.

Simple Idea

Kerri developed a simple message – $5 off any over-the-counter purchase worth more than $10 – only on Valentine’s Day.

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The creative was a simple love heart with a $5 off message. Importantly, the deal was valid through Valentine’s Day, not an “evergreen” promotion.  This created urgency.

Online and Social Media

Kerri worked with the team at Digital Pharmacist to display the promotion on her website, mobile app, email newsletter and Facebook feed. She also used some of her digital marketing dollars to “boost” her campaign, specifically targeting women over 60 within 10 miles of her store.

Facebook was a significant driver of new business. “Lots of people said they heard about the promotion through Facebook,” said Puskar.

Staff Readiness

Hartzell’s Pharmacy already follows an annual promotional calendar, so staff already know how to get set for an influx of customers. This time it was no different. “We typically run promotions around holidays to take advantage of an easy marketing opportunity and push particular products,” said Puskar. hartz2

The promotion was highlighted at the company’s daily floor meetings. Puskar also put copies of the ad on the counter and sent out emails to staff to remind everyone it was “on”.

Bottom Line

More than 80 customers came into the store asking about the promotion that they had seen online. Puskar is getting ready to the same thing for Mother’s Day. Here’s hoping there are even more mothers than lovers.

Need Help?

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