Leverage Online Reviews to Benefit Your Business

Online reviews are becoming more important to customers in deciding which businesses to visit. According to a recent survey, “90% of customers read online review before visiting a business,”1 meaning that digital is now a requirement to compete in the marketplace. Luckily for local pharmacies, there are options available to them for collecting reviews.

The question remains, however, how do pharmacies and local business owners take control of their online reviews? In many cases, it can seem like businesses are powerless over internet commentators which take to Yelp to express their discontent. Here’s our quick guide to mitigating negative reviews and promoting positive ones.

  1. Respond to negative reviews: When faced with an angry customer, it’s best to address their concerns head-on. Respond online via the same means they submitted a review (Yelp, Facebook, etc.). This allows customers to feel heard and is a public record of you responding to negative criticism. Additionally, offering restitution such as a gift card or discount will go a long way to saving that customer and showing others that you care. Your audience will forgive mistakes – just own up to it and prove to them why you’re still the best around.
  2. Incent customer reviews: It’s common for the most unhappy customers to be the ones to take to online review forums when in fact most of your customers are perfectly happy. Give those customers a reason to share their experience with the world. Consider running a monthly promotion where submitting an online review gets 15% all over-the-counter products. In no time, your loyal customer reviews will start to outweigh those outlier negative ones.
  3. Leverage your own reviews: It can be hard sometimes to mitigate online reviews for platforms you don’t control. Additionally, many of the negative reviews will come from one-time customers, leaving an inaccurate portrayal of your customers base. With digital online refill forms, patients can be prompted to rate the pharmacy and leave a short review. Pharmacies can then use this star-rating and customer reviews on their own marketing, rather than relying on Yelp or Facebook.

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