Local Pharmacists To The Rescue

By Chris Watkins – Digital Pharmacist Staff

With the temperatures dropping to a record-breaking low last week in some areas of the United States, two independent pharmacists were not going to let a little weather get in their way of getting their patients the care they need.

The weather did not stop pharmacist Andrea Cusack, owner of Lake Odessa Pharmacy, in Lake Odessa, Michigan. She enlisted the help of her 15-year-old son, Caden, and jumped on their snowmobile on Tuesday to deliver some medications. It did not stop there. On Wednesday, her team made more prescription deliveries for those who could not pick up their prescriptions.

When asked how they were able to do this, Andrea simply said: “It’s just what we do.”

She added, “We’re a very small community…most people live in the country and were not reachable by car with the snow.” The medications they delivered were largely maintenance meds that their patients relied on a daily regular basis.

med delivery

Credit: Mark Cusack on Facebook

Last Wednesday, Hyatt Pharmacy’s 12 pharmacy locations, in Milwaukee, Campbellsport, and Greenfield Wisconsin, remained open despite a low of -24°F and a windchill of -50°F. In order to staff the retail locations, Hyatt Pharmacy even called an Uber to bring in a snowed-in employee. 

Hyatt Pharmacy Founder Dr. Hashim Zaibak wanted to ensure their patients would be able to get the medication they need. Delivery drivers across their 12 locations delivered medications to those who needed their medication but could not come pick up their medications. Many of these medications included specialized injections to keep patients’ conditions stable. 

According to Hyatt Pharmacy’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dimmy Sokhal PharmD, she personally performed home visits to ensure their patients were taken care of. In one case, a patient ran out of blood pressure medication and they were able to deliver an emergency seven-day supply.

As Dimmy puts it, “Our job is to fill in the gaps and take care of the patients no matter the circumstances.” 

Hyatt Pharmacy

Photo Credit: Hyatt Pharmacy on Instagram

These two stories are just a few examples of the lengths local pharmacists will do to take care of their patients. To learn more about how we do our part help equip pharmacies to better serve their communities, call us at 877-959-7550.