New York Pharmacy To Process Over 1000 Digital Refills This Month

Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy is on track to process over 1000 refills through their website, mobile app and IVR this month. Jeff Brooks, owner of Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy, made sure his pharmacy took the extra step to spread the word about their new digital tools.

Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy’s primary mission is to provide the personalized care and attention their patients deserve. Located in Lakeville, New York, they have been serving the communities of Livonia and Lakeville since 1986.

When Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy went digital in September of 2018, they saw a quick jump in digital refills and they continue to see consistent engagement. Jeff Brooks said print marketing materials made the biggest impact in helping patients adopt their new digital tools. The pharmacy staff stapled the print marketing materials to prescription bags as well as passed the flyers out to patients who walked through the door. 

Livonia-Lakeville Pharmacy consistently brings in over 1000 digital refills and this month is no different. They continue to market their new refill capabilities through their digital tools via print marketing materials.

“The switch to digital has freed up a lot of time for our technicians and pharmacists. Before going digital, our phones would ring constantly in the store. Now, our staff can focus on providing exceptional care to our in-store patients,” said Brooks.

Overall, this has saved Brooks and his team approximately 50 hours each month on the phone by processing 1000 monthly refills through their digital tools. (Hours based on each phone call lasting 3 minutes)

What would you do with an extra 50 hours each month?

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