How Are People Using Your App?

Periodically we want to update you on the latest statistics from our pharmacy network. Today we are excited to share with you some facts about how your customers are using the mobile application. Here are just a few key facts from October/November:

How often are customers using your app?

Of your customers who used the mobile app in October, over 50% used it more than twice per month, 30% every two weeks and almost 20% weekly!

The takeaway: This is huge. Once you build up your mobile user base, a large portion of those customers will engage with your pharmacy’s brand on a weekly basis. This is not only beneficial from a purely marketing perspective, but also means you will have patients that are better educated and do more business with you.


What Are They Doing?

Almost 70% of customers explored the refill functionality in the app and more than 25% completed at least one refill transaction.

The takeaway: Mobile downloads drive refill transactions. And with CMS increasing its focus on pharmacy Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) in 2016, getting more mobile app users will be key to your bottom line.

And here is what they are saying!

“Great App, well done!”

“Every time my husband says he needs a refill I grab my phone and submit the refill through the app with a note to please call me when it’s done. This way I avoid the “Oh I forgot!” moment.”

“I love the app! I’ve used it for my refills & it works great.”

We hope this data encourages you to continue promoting your mobile app to your patients to promote your products and services while providing a new valuable way for your patients to get their medication refills.