Personal Touch is a Perfect Fit for Independent Pharmacy Owners

As President of Sav-Mor Drug Stores and Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services, Yvonne Gallagher shares her 35 years of pharmacy experience and opens up the benefits of her member-owned buying group and PSAO below.

I began my career in pharmacy because I wanted to help people. That was 35 years ago, and my passion for helping people has never wavered. In fact, it’s grown stronger.

Call me old-fashioned, but there are few things more meaningful or impactful in business — or in our industry — than one-on-one conversations and personal connections with clients, customers and colleagues. Nothing beats individualized service, attention and assistance, as our dedicated independent pharmacy owners across the country know very well. In my experience, no one values or demonstrates this type of personalized care and commitment more than independent pharmacy owners.

That’s exactly why Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services is such a perfect fit for independent pharmacy owners. We run our member-owned buying group and PSAO the same way they run their drugstores — with a personal touch, a high level of respect, an abundance of assistance and, as we are often told by the independent pharmacy owners we represent, with the best customer service anywhere in our industry.

I’m president of Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services, but to be truthful, I wake up every day feeling more like the matriarch of a close-knit family. We hold owners’ hands. We make their lives easier. We fight their fights. We help everyone succeed financially by saving them money. Last year, between audits and reconciliation, we helped our independent pharmacies save almost $4.28 million. What really sets Sav-Mor apart from other PSAOs and buying groups is we share all profits with our core members. Why? Because we’re family.

I invite you to call me anytime. My direct line is 248-380-3610. Let’s have a conversation about how Sav-Mor can share our passion, desire and ability to help others in our industry with you. I like to say that I have four children, two stepchildren, five grandchildren, and 140 total pharmacies in 24 states.

I’d love to welcome you to our close-knit family.