Pharmacy ads reach millions of people with Facebook

Save 38% on your Facebook pharmacy ads when you partner with Digital Pharmacist.

According to a Salesforce report , the cost-per-click (cpc) on Facebook Ads in the health industry is $0.36 on averageⁱ. The average cost-per-click with Digital Pharmacist? $0.22 – a huge difference.

Facebook is nort only is it the most affordable form of advertising, it’s also extremely targeted. Your ads will show to potential patients in your geographical area, so you know you’re reaching a high quality audience.

“I’m reaching customers all the way out in Lansing and they’re coming into the store saying they saw my ad”, Bob Phipps – Fowlerville Pharmacy.

Digital Pharmacist’s Facebook Ad product

Here at Digital Pharmacist, our goal is to help local independent pharmacies thrive in an ever saturated market. To this end, we’ve partnered with more than 7500 pharmacists to create digital strategies that generate more revenue for local community pharmacists. Our products offer a 14:1 ROI.

With our Digital Marketing product, we will run your Facebook Ads, targeting patients in your community (typically 10 – 15 miles from your store location). The ads will be focused on creating and promoting brand awareness and highlighting the services that you offer. Our overall goal is to get more patients in your pharmacy’s door.

How one customers Pharmacy Facebook Ads performed

  • Facebook Advertising Impressions: 1,193,125
  • Facebook Clicks to Pharmacy Websites: 28,072
  • Average CPC: $0.22

Join our pharmacy customers utilizing Digital Marketing to increase awareness and drive customers into their pharmacy.