Ramping Up Revenue

As a community pharmacy, you take incredibly good care of your patients. Not only do you make patients feel like friends and family, you put their health and well-being first...and they know it.

But the current healthcare environment is extremely competitive and ever-changing. Many community pharmacists are looking for ways to differentiate themselves by offering new products and services to their patients.

So why is diversifying your revenue stream so important?

Offering lab testing through your pharmacy is one great way to diversify your revenue and offer additional value to your patients.

Here are just a few reasons you should consider lab testing:

Lab tests can identify risk factors of disease or adverse conditions, containing important information that can help your patients target lifestyle changes.

Lab testing may help your patients identify serious conditions early.

Patients can quickly measure significant improvement from nutritional, lifestyle and healthcare changes.

By partnering with a lab testing company like Ulta Labs, your pharmacy can offer patients discounted rates on lab tests, in some cases up to 80%.

You will earn an administrative service fee (ASF) for each processed lab test, offering a significant new revenue source for your Pharmacy (plus no fees for you).

Providing additional healthcare services like lab testing improves outcomes while adding incremental revenue to your bottom line. That’s a win-win.

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