Let’s say one of your patients is getting ready to start a new medication. She asks you several questions about how the medication works, what side effects she might experience, and how effective the prescription will be. As a pharmacist, you are able to offer a comprehensive description of the medication and can answer all of your patient’s questions. However, the patient may still be curious to know about the experiences of patients who have actually taken the medication before.

RxWiki’s new RateRx feature allows patients to rate and detail their experience with a particular medication. All patients have to do is visit RxWiki.com and search for the medication they would like to rate (or view ratings of).

After finding the medication, patients can scroll down to see other users’ ratings and experiences. If they want to offer their own opinion on the med, they simply select the ‘Rate’ option. Visitors will then be taken through a series of questions to complete the rating, seen below.

patient-ratings how-was-your-experience

This feature really allows patients to expand their knowledge of medication uses, side effects, and effectiveness through the experiences of others. Help empower your patients by offering them yet another resource in patient education.