Digital Up 114%; Top Independents to Process 60,000 Digital Refills This Year

Digital Pharmacist reports that the number of patients completing a digital refill on the digital pharmacist network increased 114% since March 2016. The top 20 independent pharmacies to embrace digital are now seeing over 6,000 refills per month coming from apps and websites. The number one digital pharmacist – Redner’s Pharmacy – is now processing 500 digital refills per month.

The success has been driven by a few key points:

  • More pharmacies are realizing that a digital strategy is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have 
  • New features of the platform like reviews, medication and refill reminders and integration with 53 different pharmacy management systems making it easy for patients and pharmacists
  • Pharmacists using the marketing capabilities of the platform to drive patients in-store (to learn more about these marketing programs, read our How-To Guide on running a seasonal promotion. 

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