How a Baton Rouge Pharmacy Uses Secure Messaging to Enhance Patient Service

For Dr. Bobbi Wisekal Crouch, PharmD, pharmacist in charge at Baton Rouge AHF Pharmacy, messaging patients has always been a necessity. Now, implementing direct messaging into her pharmacy workflow has allowed her and her team to efficiently, conveniently and securely message patients.

Located in Louisiana, Baton Rouge AHF Pharmacy has been serving the Baton Rouge area for five years. The pharmacy’s primary goal is to deliver the highest possible standard of care to all.

Dr. Crouch and her team began using Digital Pharmacist’s HIPAA-compliant messaging platform to reduce the hours spent reaching out to patients via phone calls.

“On average, it takes us about five phone calls before we can get ahold of a patient,” Dr. Crouch said. “Whether we’re calling to let them know their prescriptions are ready or to confirm delivery options, it always took us some time to reach the patient. Now, we can text them one time and the patients can respond back when they get the chance.”

Along with messaging patients about prescription refills, Dr. Crouch can also notify patients about other detailed information. The messaging platform allows Dr. Crouch to securely message her patients information about everything from medications being out of stock to issues with insurance.

“We have one deaf patient,” Dr. Crouch said. “The patient was excited that they could now have actual conversations with the pharmacy. With the messaging platform, the patient can now message the pharmacy about specific medications.”

The messaging platform has helped reshape the workflow of Baton Rouge AHF Pharmacy. Dr. Crouch, her staff, and patients can now communicate conveniently and securely.

For more information on secure patient messaging, give us a call at (877) 959-7550 or email us at [email protected].