Holt’s Pharmacy Saw a 344% Increase In Prescription Refills

Holt’s Pharmacy increased their digital refills by 344 percent over the course of one summer after they began to use the Digital Pharmacist website & mobile app.

The pharmacy launched their new mobile app and website in April with a clever promotional campaign to get the word out that they now offered digital refills and they saw great levels of engagement. Their method? Raffling off four YETI products that received over 300 patient entries! All that was required to enter in the raffle was to download their new mobile app and submit a refill. Names were then randomly drawn from a hat and given one of four YETI products. The ROI on a strategy like this is huge.

The pharmacy promoted their giveaway with in-store signage and leveraged two powerful promotional techniques: social media marketing and their website.

Increase digital refills through social media

By boosting a few posts on Facebook, Holt’s Pharmacy reached over 7,500 people and garnered 250 post engagements. Engagements include link clicks, shares and comments such as these:

“I need this!”

“I did download the app…Love it!”

“Great prizes”

Increase digital refills through their website

With the text-to-download feature, Holt’s Pharmacy guaranteed any patient who was serviced at the point-of-sale could quickly and easily get the mobile app downloaded to their phone with zero hassle. Staff members asked for the patient’s phone number and entered it into the online portal and a link to download was immediately sent to the patient’s phone, allowing for easy entry into the contest.

The best part? Those who downloaded the app  “use it all the time.” Russ loves that the store does not have to be open to receive refills as “many patients like to submit their refill requests at 9 o’clock at night through the mobile app.”

Patients using the app has also led to more efficiency behind-the-counter as well, putting less stress on staff members and helps with those days when they are short staffed. Overall, Holt’s Pharmacy has seen over 500 online refills and counting. With each month, they continue to see an increase in the number of online refills they receive.

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