The Results Are In: Who Is Refilling Medications On Your Website

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

People are landing on your website, transferring and/or refilling their medications, but do you actually know what demographic is engaging the most with your website?

According to a recent data analysis, we found the following age groups are not only engaging with your pharmacy website but refilling their medications and we have listed them in order below.

The age group that has been shown to have the most engagement on your pharmacy website is the 40-64 age group with a whopping 56.6 percent.

The next age group is that of the 65-84 age group with 34.9 percent while the 25-39 age group comes in third at 5.3 percent.

Our data analysis revealed the group that follows is those over the age of 85 with a 1.7 percent engagement; while those under the age of 25 came in at 1.6 percent.

Those between the age of 40 and 84 are those that have shown the most engagement on the pharmacy websites, we manage.

Once we asked flu shot and clinical questions in the refill process, we saw the average of engagement was 30.5 percent with the 40-64 age group taking the lead. The 25-39 age group came in a close second with only a .13 percent difference.

We are not surprised when the data analysis revealed those under 25 years old were not as engaged on the website compared to their older counterparts. We do strongly believe this the numbers will reveal a different sequence in order if the data analysis was pulled for mobile.

Based on mobile app usage, we know the younger populations are the most engaged on mobile apps. Recent statistics have revealed, 94 percent of those between the ages of 18 to 29 use mobile apps. In case you missed our earlier blog on mobile app stats, you can read it here — The Mobile Stats from 2018 Are In.

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