Round 4: Ask the Member Success Team

Last week you got an answer to Will's question, "How do I get RxWiki’s free health news articles posted onto my pharmacy Facebook?" This week you'll meet Alex, plus get an answer to his timely question about Pharmacy Month.

Meet Alex, Digital Success Expert. Alex loves coffee and tacos (how can you not!), and he also prides himself on making the transition into the digital world easy for pharmacists.

Alex Juarez

Q: How can I celebrate Pharmacy Month with my patients?

As we all know, October is Pharmacy Month! As a Community Pharmacist, there are so many ways to celebrate with your patients. Whether you choose to hold an event, teach a class, or simply publish a “Tip from your Pharmacist” post on social media, be sure to showcase the personal care and integral role that pharmacists play in their patients’ health.

1. Invite the Town

Holding an event for the entire community is a great way to get people to come out and meet you and your pharmacy staff! You could do an Open House “Meet-and-Greet” with the pharmacist, discussion about vaccinations and screenings, or simply a walk down the OTC aisle can help engage and educate your patients.

2. Create Relationships

Reach out to your local businesses for an informational session with their employees. Covering questions about medications or about working with their insurance plans can create a very valuable relationship.

3. Show Your Support

If you know of a pharmacist or pharmacy tech within the U.S. or serving in the military, show your support on social media or send them a care package! Don’t forget to recognize your own staff each day with a show of appreciation.

We know how important the pharmacy is when it comes to fighting colds, nursing wounds, and keeping family’s healthy, and are so grateful to our members for their service in the healthcare field. We know how crazy the day-to-day hustle can be, so THANK YOU from all of us here at RxWiki, Inc!