How Sid Patel, RPh, Grew His Business Through Benzer Pharmacy

At Digital Pharmacist, we love to talk to pharmacists to understand the ways they’re growing their pharmacy businesses. This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with Sid Patel, RPh to learn how he was able to open five pharmacies in one year. Sid credits a lot of his success to franchising with Benzer Pharmacy.

Franchising with Benzer Pharmacy

Sid Patel, RPh, had an extensive retail pharmacy career, having previously opened two independent pharmacies with his brother in Tampa. He was looking to expand his business further, at which point he turned to this joint venture with Benzer Pharmacy. 

Benzer Pharmacy is a top franchise choice for independent owners as they themselves are independent owners. With a proven track record, nationally recognized branding and low cost of operation, they work with pharmacists to ensure they’re not alone in operating their business. 

In just one short year after partnering with Benzer, he opened five stores and expects to open four more next year. 

Why Benzer Pharmacy?

When asked why he chose Benzer Pharmacy he said, “I have a comfort level with them that I can not find anywhere else. They offer flexibility and transparency that other companies lack.” As part of the team, Sid receives full access to Benzer’s operational resources which include human resources, a compliance team, payroll and accountin. This helps him streamline his stores’ operations. 

Through the partnership, Sid is also able to save at least 1.5 – 2% of his total revenue costs which translates to the thousands and which is part of his net profit. This would not be possible if he was doing this on his own.

Sid’s pharmacies have been able to be as successful as they have through choosing to franchise with Benzer – “The growth of my company was only possible by the joint venture with Benzer Pharmacy. The success I have belongs to Benzer Pharmacy, because they provide great service, tools and resources that are really important for running a business in multiple states. They help me overcome hurdles to operate my stores. I would not have been able to open multiple stores and operate them in multiple states without them.”

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