Sneak Peek: Ask the Member Success Team

At RxWiki we have a team of experts dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We wanted to try something new and tell you a little about each person on the team - and share their answers to the most common questions they hear from community pharmacists.

Meet Katie, Manager of the Member Success Team. She’s been at RxWiki for about a year and a half, and prides herself on helping community pharmacists design the best websites possible. She also loves working out and HATES olives. Check out her answer to one of the most common questions she gets from her pharmacists.

Katie Harris

Q: How does marketing online benefit my business better than marketing in print, television, or radio ads?

In 2016, it’s no secret that social media drives the forefront of business marketing and advertising.

Digital marketing offers benefits like an overall lower cost rate to advertise as well as reaching a larger audience of potential (and existing) customers. Noted in an article published by, there are 1.59 billion active users on Facebook in 2016. Through Facebook ads, your business is able to reach a much wider customer audience than printing an ad in the Sunday paper. The notion of spending hundreds of dollars on print advertisements has become a black hole of value, with digital marketing offering a cheaper, more efficient method of reaching customers.

According to, online advertising is set to overtake television ads as the most effective channel for reaching customer audiences. With the growth of the internet, more users are seeking out online searches for products and services rather than flipping through a newspaper or magazine. The clunky, dense business directory is a thing of the past – yes – even Yellow Pages has converted to an online presence.

Rather than tuning into radio, today’s consumers are opting in to download music apps such as Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify. These same consumers are the ones constantly checking their social media and email accounts multiple times throughout the day on their mobile devices. Advertising online not only affords you access to these consumers, it also grants you the ability to track customer responsiveness.

In a world where mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in user convenience and accessibility, the need for digital advertising is more crucial to your business than ever before.


Stay tuned for next week! You’ll get to meet another member of the team, and get answers to their most common questions as well.