How-To Guide: Run a Seasonal Promotion

Mother's Day, graduation, Memorial Day, Father's Day - these are opportunities for you to drive customers into your store. Hartzell Pharmacy's Valentines Day promotion drove 80 in-store visits in just one day. Below are 4 tips on how you can successfully market your pharmacy for each season.

  1. Make your offer compelling and for a limited time. 
    • Attract customers with discounts or promotions that are of real value and have an expiration date. Example: “Get $5 off when you spend $20 or more. Valid through 4/21 only”. 
  2. Go digital
    • Place promotions on your website, mobile app, newsletter and social media accounts. Promoting online will allow you to reach more of your patients and have a higher conversion rate. (If you need help, ask us about our Digital Marketing program where we take care of all the promotions for you). 
  3. Make redemption easy
    • Let patients redeem the offer by showing your staff the ad in your mobile app, or a printout from the website or newsletter.
  4. Track Your Results
    • Create a sale code for your POS to easily track how many patients redeemed the discount.

“We wanted to run a seasonal promotion to generate more traffic and get more people to use the mobile app,” said Mike Blaha, owner, Anderson Pharmacy. “Working with Digital Pharmacist has been great because they have taken care of it all for us”. 

Mother’s Day is coming soon so don’t miss out. Simply complete this form and send back to Alex at [email protected] and we’ll help you build successful seasonal promotions for the rest of the year.